Friday, 5 October 2012

Let's make that every two days!

Ok, internet accessibility does not always match the 'having a pen and paper' accessibility. So let's say an average of one blog post every 2 days rather than 1, huh? Deal!

The first week of October has begun quite quietly on the drawing front, but toner delivery, zine collation, important meetings etc.. are now out of the way. 

On Wednesday I dug out an oldschool OHP projector from the office and began taking a line for a walk, projected onto the ceiling. This was during a very involved meeting by live artists connected to Platform North East (a one day live art festival that takes place annually in the Star & Shadow, come December): and they seemed much too burdened by intense discussion to draw away into doodling, at that time. I left the OHP out on thursday too and will see if anyone's added to it when I go in this afternoon ready for the Tusk Festival. For this international festival of experimental music, which takes place over 3 days, an artist called Fritz has been building a giant crazy sculpture in the foyer. Can I class that as 3D drawing, with wood and things and screws and more things? We'll see.

Drawing this weekend: 

5th & 6th October, discreet drawing by Star and Shadow volunteers, during Tusk's first evening, of each of the performers on the night. I hope to build a window somehow through the complicated, carefully-arranged paraphernalia of amps and equipment, through which bar volunteers can spy the musicians and doodle them. So if you're on the bar tonight, consider yourself warned. I WILL pester you till you draw one!

Opinionated Geordie Monsters will also be drawn (about which, more later)

Sunday 7th October, in addition to the above, the Canny Little Library will be open, from 3 till 7, and a bit of Wor Diary drawing may take place : this will DEFINITELY (also) take place next Sunday. Wor Diary is a radical local diary drawn by local people in a massive range of doodling styles. 52 weeks of the year, each designed and implemented by a different person. Come on the 14th and you too can join in with making it! (more to come on that!) So pop in on Sunday, draw with me!

On Monday, Tusk will be being taken down, and I will be able to take over more space in the building for drawing events. We meet, as always, at 6pm, and I will be asking for volunteers to help with a couple of specific drawing activities at the meeting. Email me if you can't make the meeting, but are up for helping!

In the meantime, here are drawings we did at last year's event, of how 35mm projection works:

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