Monday, 15 October 2012

First video of the Bicycle Drawing.

I have been filming some activities to make an 'end of Big Draw' video-document. The first video from this is a ten minute one with a lot of giggling (a shorter version, maybe with music, may follow one day). Click here to watch it.


The text I have put on youtube explains it thus:

"As part of the Star & Shadow Cinema's participation in The Big Draw, volunteers were invited to draw, whilst on a bicycle. A test run with felt tips was tricky, so we moved on to paint for this experiment on the 11th October 2012.

It is fun just to watch but, should you wish to know the narrative (voices are mumbly) it is listed below. I mention the discussion in particular to remember how it was an open & collective process.

 0.00 - setting up

0.30 - "maybe ..." discussion of how to do it.

1.00 "This is the first one, you've gotta get it right."

2.00 Refining bicycle-drawing styles.

3.36 "It's so pointless, it's lovely! It's quite a treat to do something so pointless."

4.10 "Shall we go from the other way?" discussion.

5.00 "It proper hurts."

5.30 The day's artist in residence (not really an individual artist in residence, but someone's name had to go in the box). 

6.10 People in from the street: "We're just having a nose."

 6.40 How to display the 'work' - discussion.

7.30 An independent wheel.

8.15 "These pictures are from the Tusk festival: I asked our volunteers to draw what they saw."

 8.30 Horizontal spinning.

9.00 "It would be quite cool if we were chasing the wheel."

9.50 "Last time!"

10.10 Discussion - "you don't have any control at all on what it looks like"

10.30 "Grids appearing."

11.00 "I think this is an absolute disgrace!"

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