Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Artist in Residence, & Upcoming drawings this Week

   Star & Shadow Artist in Residence

As of today, there will a designated 'Artist in Residence' every day at the Star and Shadow. 

They will not be funded, not be especially talented or more artistic than you, and they (you) will not know what they're in for until they say 'ok' and get their name written up in the special frame that I'm setting up today. You can be the artist in residence for a day! The person so appointed will get to display any of their scrawlings, masterpieces or half-finished doodles in the frame.

[Image to go here when I've installed the thing!]

A photo of the resulting drawings will get published on this blog, and in keeping with the open, participatory style of our Big Draw, the camera for documenting this will be left gaffertaped nearby to ensure someone/anyone documents it before the new artist takes over each day. 

   Drawing Activities in the Foyer

Is it a foyer? Is it a lobby? Whatever you call that big well-lit space in the venue that goes between the box office and the backrooms, it's perfect for drawing and perfect for exhibitions! So at 1pm on Thursday we are going to start adding 'things' to it to make it more fun for drawing. What are those 'things' you ask, well we haven't done it yet so we haven't decided: come along and add your ideas, physically! 

A big illustrated maze is one idea, a small house that only young people are allowed inside is another (inside might be crayons and walls to draw on, but no adult is allowed to see what is produced), paint and inks and charcoals and rolls of wallpaper may all appear.

   Drawing on Bikes

Having first been tested out with felt tips on mop-poles during Tusk, we think we have a plan for how to draw in an interesting way, whilst riding a bicycle. It involves a long roll of wallpaper on the ground, possibly several. It involves trays with paint, and it probably involves your bike wheels getting colourful. A few volunteers are going to test this out on Thursday afternoon, at approx 1.30pm, feel free to join in!

   During Josie Long's shows

Everyone will really be focussed on the music and comedy and good times. But one of our volunteers, Paul, will be keeping the drawing going in a style of his choosing!


Twice every month new volunteers are offered a tour of the building as the first part of their induction. They can then choose to sign up to a volunteer shift where they will be shown the ropes and their induction is complete! This Saturday there is an induction at 11am and the drawing activities will be out in the lobby available for use! And look out for what the artist in residence is up to!


This will be a busy day: the biggest creative drawing day of the week. 

In the bar room, people will be drawing diary pages for the collaborative Newcastle-based diary, Wor Diary! 52 weeks of the year equals 52 different volunteers drawing, cut-n-pasting, choosing their themes and making this home-made diary happen, as it has for the last 5 years. 

Also there will be a display of drawings during the St.Imier report-back in the cinema room at 4pm. Plus the foyer will be open for drawing business too. Come down any time from 3pm, when the Canny Little Library opens as usual, and stay around for the evening film, which Mike (Big Draw volunteer) will probably be doing some drawing shenanigans at too.


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