Friday, 5 October 2012

Bar Volunteers Draw Tusk

Friday night was great. And we got (almost) all the bar volunteers drawing: I will scan the images, which are all in different styles, and do a slideshow of them when Tusk Festival is over. For now, here are pictures of some of the volunteers drawing:

I set up this little area by the bar exclusively for drawing, wrote the very simple rules (1. volunteers draw the performers, 2. use this sharpie pen. A participant added a third rule 3. Add your picture to the bottom of the pile) and everyone joined in, it was great! One volunteer was also marking negatives for some darkroom witchery, another was drawing the beards of the gig's punters, and below right she is copying the picture of a drumkit done by her fellow volunteer Paul.


Tomorrow it continues, plus there is a half-hatched scheme for experimental bikerider drawing at 11.30am. It needs bikes, it needs paint brushes strapped to the end of a pole, and it needs a floor to draw upon. There's a team due to turn up to distribute the cinema programme so we shall see how it goes!

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