Sunday, 14 October 2012

Event Announcement: Drawing By Wrestling

On the last Saturday of the Big Draw month, we thought a stupidly wonderful kind of event was a good idea. So this is the plan (to be confirmed later today):

You're not allowed to get covered in paint. There are no shower facilities in the Star and Shadow. It is childish to muck about. You could do yourself an injury like that.

We're going to ignore these things and you are invited, at your own risk, to get covered in paint. Draw with your bodies. Send liquid projectiles through the air. Splatter, spatter and slide! One end of the Star & Shadow foyer will be covered in paper. Buckets of paint will be made available, and then people are invited to chuck it about & get messy.  

Children are especially welcome to take part, but it is their parents' responsibility to clean em up afterwards! (Some overalls will be provided). Sandy and Mike are both Star & Shadow volunteers who love getting creatively explosive, and they will be loosely coordinating this activity. All resulting artwork will be displayed.

Then at 2pm we are going to change the tone of the event and start wrestling! Fresh paper, dust suits, maybe some 'soft play' materials. If you are interested in grappling with a friend (or stranger) and seeing what paint shapes and smears you create in your grunting hugs, get in touch in advance with Mike

This might go terribly wrong. Heh heh.


  1. This event was confirmed at the Monday General Meeting today. We are on!

  2. This event will now also take place in the evening, as part of the Midnight Blue Hallowe'en party, at approximately 11.30. With supervillain or hero costumes. This will be in addition to the afternoon event, and you will need to have paid for the event to witness it.