Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Some work by 3 Artists in Residence: part 2

Posts from now on are put up after the Big Draw finished : in the last week of October I got a big waylaid by more active bits & pieces (wrestling!), & by the video of the Big Draw (previous post). So it is only after a couple of weeks that I am adding these as documentation. Thankyou to everyone who took part - including people I may never see again!

1. Arto Spit & Cellophane

Lynne produced an artwork which was videoed. It somehow involved her wrapped up in this cellophane outfit (which she later stitched back together and hung in the foyer) and some kind of liquid (was it spit?) dribbling down. I don't know, I didn't see it. I look forward. But when she learnt that the Big Draw was happening, she contributed an additional drawn piece, pretty giant in size, called 'Arto Spit'. It depicted the temporary shapes made as spit (contributed by Arto, with a little cola & coffee in his gullet) rolled & unfolded in a pint glass.

2. The Cyclops Series.

The great thing about doing the Big Draw was that, in additional to getting people I know involved, it also got responses from people I'd not met before, saying 'yes I'll be artist in residence for the day'. The following series of cyclops figures drawn with chinese ink onto sheets was by Louis, whose 'artist name' was Mike Sprout.



3. Drawings thinking about the Mental Health Film Season : Between an Elephant's Toes & Trunk

These very popular drawings were made one day by Andrew. When the Big Draw was over, they were the first ones that people said 'can I keep that?' and he let them get taken home.Click on them to see the words & detail.

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