Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Some play by non-artists in residence.

I believe artist to be a meaningless word. Its associations and connotations of status or genius or whatever I repudiate entirely, as I have ranted about previously - at length - on my main blog.

But drawing is an activity that is accessible to all, and my interest in the Big Draw is all to do with getting everyone to draw - not just saintly priest-class artist types who are somehow special and different to us. 

That's why the 'artist in residence' thing was just a kind-of ironic, kind-of demystifying effort. I also think drawing is good for us - good for our minds and our mental wellbeing and our sense of what's going on - and for self-awareness and clear-thinking too. 

So we should all do it, and here are some drawings by people who were not artist in residence in the Star & Shadow during October, but were the heart & soul of it anyway:



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